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WorkCover Independent Consultant

The principal of Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre Dr. John McMahon is a WorkCover Independent Consultant and is responsible for reviewing treatment of workers funded by the Workers’ Compensation Scheme. The role of WorkCover Independent Consultants is to provide peer supervision and support to service providers, and to review services rendered by treatment providers.

The goal of a WorkCover Independent Consultant is to provide support and understanding to treatment providers and insurers as to whether treatment is reasonably necessary. Treatment that is deemed “reasonably necessary” is treatment which progresses a worker towards a functional goal. Functional goals are behavioural outcomes that are specific, appropriate to the injured person’s condition, related to the goals of treatment and are able to be measured. This differs from symptomatic outcomes in therapy which are outcomes related to the presence or absence of symptoms of distress or mental disorder which may not constitute a functional goal.


Courses of therapy that have endured for longer than 10- or 12-sessions are subject to review under the regulatory framework. The goals of this framework are to inform service providers about delivering appropriate levels of servicing, providing evidence based therapies with a focus on return to work outcomes, and improving communication between key parties including the service providers, nominated treating doctors and insurers. A WorkCover Independent Consultant can be called upon to review and facilitate a course of therapy with respect to the regulatory framework and these goals.


If you are a service provider whose treatment of a client has been referred for review we encourage you to review your file so that you can discuss your client, review the goals you have set for your client in therapy and see if they fit with the service provision mandates, and have your file and other documents on hand when the WorkCover Independent Consultant calls you.

In keeping with these goals at Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre we focus on providing therapy that is structured, directive and goal oriented with a focus on evidence based best practice. We also offer supervision to psychologists and counsellors working as WorkCoverService Providers in individual and group formats. We can also provide lectures and in house training for insurers and rehabilitation providers regarding the WorkCoverframework for psychologists and counsellors.

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