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Motor Accidents Treatment

Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre offers expert assessment and treatment service for victims of motor accidents. Dr. John McMahon is a Motor Accident Assessment Service disputes Assessor for psychological injuries and need for psychological treatment. We provide detailed assessment including diagnosis, prognosis and need for treatment. We can provide permanent impairment assessments for mental and behavioural disorders and central nervous system impairment consistent with the Motor Accident Guides for Assessment of Permanent Impairment. We can consult on return to work issues and rehabilitation in an integrated way with other service providers including medical services.We offer specialized treatment for psychological conditions that often result from a motor vehicle accident including Adjustment Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Chronic Pain disorders. Our clinical psychologists have received specialist training in psychological interventions for trauma related disorders and provide a best practice approach including structured assessment and therapy.The treatment of adjustment disorders resulting from motor accidents usually involves a brief course of cognitive behavioural therapy for mood and anxiety, with goal setting around returning to driving, or accepting injury and discharging anger if the adjustment disorder is secondary to the injury. Such a course of therapy is usually brief and takes the form of 5- to 12-sessions of structured therapy with homework tasks about overcoming avoidance of emotions and behaviour, and challenging distortions of thought that come as a consequence of the accident and what a person learns about the accident or their injury afterwards.The treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder after a motor vehicle accident involves a course of cognitive behaviour therapy that commences with education about trauma, strategies to reduce anxiety, breathing retraining, and centring strategies. Once the basic coping skills have been successfully taught the second stage of therapy involves prolonged exposure to the traumatic event, and this maytake a number of forms but we do not practice EMDR or hypnotic type prolonged exposure. Typically a course of therapy for PTSD is dependent on the complexity of the presentation and may take more than 12-sessions.Chronic pain refers to enduring pain and pain behaviour that impairs aspects of day to day functioning. The injuries suffered by victims of motor accidents are frequently painful and sometimes recovery is complicated by psychological.The onset and maintenance of this pain can be associated with psychological factors such as a catastrophic interpretation of pain or avoidance behaviour that is inhibiting physical recovery. Cognitive-behavioural therapy for chronic pain aims to address these psychological factors and improve coping with pain in the long term. Such a course of therapy usually takes 6- to 18-sessions depending on the complexity of the psychological factors involved in the experience of pain.

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