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Marital Therapy

Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre offers couples and marital therapy. Our clinicians are experienced in self-regulatory couples therapy, and cognitive behavioural and schema therapies for couples.Marital therapy addresses a large number of issues that can be affecting the goodness of a relationship. These can include communication problems, unrealistic expectations, sexual concerns, conflict and arguments, the impact of a medical or psychological condition, parenting problems, and life adjustment issues.

Marital therapy involves a comprehensive assessment phase which is aimed at determining the nature of the problems and the degree of satisfaction with the relationship. This usually comprises of an interview with the couple, then an interview with each partner individually, and the administration of a number of questionnaires. The course of therapy is then outlined and usually this involves education about the kind of problems being experienced and then a period of skills building and coaching by the therapist to correct the problem and understand the underlying processes causing the problems. The final phase of therapy involves the couple engaging in increasingly less coached and more independently generated solutions to problems as they arise.

The judged goodness of a relationship is often a function of the expectations held about relationships and the roles assumed in a relationship. These expectations and roles are learned from a multitude of sources including the family environment where you grew up, your culture, and self-generated ideas about why people behave the way they do and what role people play in your life and the role you are to play in their life. Sometimes these expectations and roles are inconsistent with the reality of the marital relationship, and one of the goals of marital therapy is to examine these expectations and roles and generate a best fit by changing thought and behaviour to increase marital satisfaction.

The duration of a course of marital therapy depends on the extent of the problem. Sometimes only a brief course of 5- to 8-sessions is required and provides a structured environment that allows a couple to learn to use their communication skills and problems solving more effectively in day to day life. Sometimes a longer course of therapy is required when the problems are less amenable to rapid change, or when the extent of the issues at hand are complex and cannot be discussed without mediation.

At Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre we provide a safe and efficient service that can provide effective couples and marital therapy.

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