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Expert Opinions


Expert opinions are often sought from clinical psychologists in personal injury, criminal and family court matters. The clinical psychologists at Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre are experienced in providing expert assessments, reports and testimony. We offer a highly professional service, with efficient and timely turn-around of reports.We have experienced practitioners who have testified in criminal and personal injury matters in Magistrate, District and Supreme Courts in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Victoria, and given evidence in tribunals including the Mental Health Tribunal, Victims Compensation Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and Worker’s Compensation Tribunal. Our expert opinions and professionalism are held in high regard.

With regard to criminal matters our clinical psychologists are experienced in assessing matters including fitness to stand trial including providing expert opinions regarding the Presser Criteria[R v Presser, 1958] for fitness to stand trial. By using psychometric assessment or neuropsychological testing these opinions are not only based on interview but also on scientifically validated measurement of cognitive capacity. Such detailed and comprehensive assessment allows identification of mental illness and disorder, and mental and intellectual disability. Furthermore, psychometric assessment or neuropsychological testing can help determine capacity to instruct regardless of the presence of memory disturbance, such as amnesia for the crime or other anomalies of cognition.

Our clinical psychologists can also provide detailed assessments and expert opinions regarding mitigating factors and contributing factors at the time of commission of the crime including the effects of mental disorder at the time of commission, transient mental states such as post-concussion injuries, intoxication by substances, and pre-existing conditions such as attention deficit disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

With regard to personal injury matters our clinical psychologists can provide expert opinions including detailed and empirically validated diagnoses according to the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR &DSM-V), opinions regarding causation, prognosis and treatment recommendations. All these opinions are consistent with most recent research and well established assessment methods. That is, we use gold standard and conventional assessment procedures.

With regard to family court matters our clinical psychologists are able to provide comprehensive, structured and scientifically validated evaluations and expert opinions of fitness for custody, treatment needs for parents and children, and recommendations regarding custody arrangements.

In the words of Iverson (2003) “Any …psychological evaluation that does not include careful consideration of the patient’s motivation to give their best effort should be considered incomplete.” At Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre we provide expert opinions regarding motivational factors at play in the presentation of examinees, including the motivation to appear overly symptomatic, usually in criminal or personal injury matters, and efforts to deny the presence of substance abuse disorder or mental disorder usually in custody matters or other family court issues.

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