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Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre, Suites 13 - 14, Level 4, 229 - 231 Macquarie Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000

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Clinical Psychologist

A clinical psychologist is a specialist in abnormal psychology. They conduct scientific study, assessment and treatment of mental disorders and conditions. The focus of their knowledge and practice is mental disorders or conditions such as anxiety, depression, or personality disorders. The emphasis of the practice is on clinical psychology wherein they study and treat the emotions and thought, biological and neurological processes that underpin psychological problems and mental disorders.

Psychologist Centre

Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre is a specialist practice of clinical psychologists. As stated by Plante (2005), “The goal of clinical psychology is noble: to use the principles of psychology and our understanding of human behaviour to promote health, happiness, and quality of life.” We apply scientific principles to determine the nature of the psychological issue, what treatment is most likely to work with each person, and to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and identify what further steps can be taken to reach this goal.

The Centre also continues to be actively involved in research including ongoing studies of mental disorders and diagnostic techniques as well as outcome studies of established therapies in clinical practice.

All senior practitioners of Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre have completed post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology and have qualified to become members of the Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychologists. With that, they adhere to its policy of completing ongoing training to maintain skills and an understanding of this diverse and rapidly changing field. Our practitioners are constantly engaged in ongoing study to meet and surpass the requirements of the APS College, reflecting our commitment to scientific and ethical practice.

Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre also takes students from a number of universities who are in training to become a clinical psychologist. These students assist in general duties including administering tests and programs of therapy.

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