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postheadericon Sanctuary for Children of Personality Disorder Patients

Being a child of parents suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can be a big challenge. Growing up is sure not easy. This is the very reason why Sanctuary, a support group for adult children of NPD and BPD parents was established. The organization aims to provide a safe, loving and supportive environment for people who were able to survive the abusive and dysfunctional family they were born in. The organization wants these people to connect with, develop and share healthy friendships with other survivors.

On the 24th day of May, Dr. John McMahon, the principal Clinical Psychologist of Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre, gave a talk on Personality Disorders to Sanctuary members. The event was held at Harris Park Community Center.

It is the hope of the Centre to provide more meaningful meetups with the Sanctuary members. Dr. McMahon and the rest of the team are always open to meeting with you to further assist you in your battle with personality disorder.

postheadericon Schema Therapy Training – Beyond The Basics Training

With the commitment of Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre to offer technical excellence and the best service that results to quality outcomes for its clients, its psychologists are constantly engaged in skills enhancement. Even with their years of formal schooling as well as actual clinical experiences, they are still constantly in search for training opportunities that will further enhance their capabilities.

Last November 21st up to the 23rd of 2012, Dr. John McMahon, the principal Psychologist of Sydney Clinical Psychologist, attended the Schema Therapy Training – Beyond The Basics. The training was headed by Chris Hayes and Susan Simpson of the Schema Therapy Workshops. It is a UK provider of psychology-related workshops and trainings approved by the International Society of Schema Therapy (ISST).

The workshop aims to further develop and fine tune the existing skills of Schema Therapy practitioners. They specifically discussed the implementation of treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The participants were afforded with the opportunity to practice thru experiential exercises like imagery and chair-work. They also took the time to discuss common difficulties experienced in Schema Therapy practice.

It was indeed a great opportunity for Dr. McMahon to further arm him with the right and updated skills in dealing with his clients, particularly those who are fit to undergo Schema Therapy.

postheadericon Psychological Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

CGU Insurance CGU Insurance Limited conducted an in-house training on February 2, 2012 for its 50 case managers. Dr. John McMahon presented the topic “Psychological Injury Diagnosis and Treatment.”

CGU Insurance is one of the largest intermediary-based insurers in Australia with a nationwide network of insurance advisers and business partners. They provide a comprehensive range of market-leading products encompassing personal, commercial, rural and workers’ compensation insurance requirements.

postheadericon The Critical Issue Associated with Psychological Injury Diagnosis

Cancer Council NSWDr. John McMahon of Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre gave a talk on “The Critical Issue Associated with Psychological Injury Diagnosis” at the Cancer Council NSW last December 2, 2011. Approximately 100 people were present during the event.

The Cancer Council NSW is a community-funded, cancer community-focused charity wholy dedicated to the defeat of the deadly cancer. They aim to realise their vision of a society with lives fully lived without the danger of being cut short because of cancer.They develop prevention strategies, research new treatments and cures, and provide clinical and emotional support to people affected by the disease.

postheadericon Report Writing and Complex Cases Workshop

On 20th May 2011 Dr. John McMahon presented at the Report Writing and Complex Cases workshop of the Victims’ Services Approved Cousellors& Authorised Report Writers Practitioners Day that was held at Mercure Hotel Sydney. He discussed the Australian Psychological Society Working Partyon Permanent Impairment in Civil Litigation method for apportioning permanent impairment in complex cases for the Victims Compensation Tribunal.

postheadericon Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre Renovation

In April 2011 the Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre was renovated. The new fit out includes the addition of another consulting room, a feature wall, and repainting throughout. This has greatly increased the comfort enjoyed by our clinicians and clients.

postheadericon Secondary Psychological Injuries Workshop

On 18th April 2011 Dr. John McMahon conducted a workshop in Sydney CBD on“Secondary Psychological Injuries: A maladaptive response to physical injury” which discussed the development of chronic pain disorders, and secondary psychological reactions such as PTSD and Adjustment Disorders.

postheadericon Chronic Pain and Psychological Assessment Workshop

On 19th March 2011 Dr. John McMahon conducted a workshop in Newcastle on “Chronic Pain and Psychological Assessment” which reviewed and discussed the mechanisms of chronic pain and psychological adjustment to physical injury.

postheadericon Malingering and the MMPI-2: Profile and Case Series Analysis Workshop

On 2nd March 2011 Dr. John McMahon conducted a workshop in Paramatta CBD on “Malingering and the MMPI-2: Profile and Case Series Analysis” which discussed research on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory second edition and detection of the fake bad presentation and the implications for psychological assessment and case management.
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